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The Study of Master's Candidates

Master’s-level education, especially as a vocational and professional degree, has become an increasingly important focus in higher education. It is in the interest of the overall health of sociology that such programs not be ignored by the discipline, but rather be provided with greater guidance and support. One area of weakness appears to be the lack of information is available about the career trajectories of Master’s degree recipients.

To better position programs, the new Task Force on the Master’s Degree, in cooperation with the ASA Research Department, began to conduct a longitudinal survey in early 2008 to learn what becomes of Master’s graduates after they obtain their degrees. The first year of the survey (Phase I) examined characteristics of the their Master's programs. Phase II examined employment and additional education outcomes. Phase III examined job characteristics, job satisfaction, PhD fields, use of sociological skills and concepts, and master's program evaluation.

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Beginnings: Task Force on the Master's Degree

In 2004, an informal group of chairs of master's-only programs asked the ASA to work with them to develop strategies to ensure the master's degree is a meaningful professional degree. The ASA Council appointed a Task Force on the Master's Degree to produce a report that would be useful to sociology departments starting or reviewing an applied, professional, clinical or other terminal master's degree program.

It's Interesting

  • ARCA's (Association for Research into Crimes against Art) International Art Crime Studies Masters Program is the first post-graduate program to specialize in the study of art crime and cultural property protection. The program provides Masters level instruction in a wide variety of theoretical and practical elements of art crime: its history...

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