Career Development Strategies

Landing a job that works for you as much as for the employer rarely results from walking a straight path. There are as many routes as there are variables. The more you diversify your approach, the better your chances of shaking hands over a satisfying offer.


Networking is connecting with people who can give you tips, advice, and contacts related to your job search. Experience has shown that professional networking provides a rich source of career leads and information about unadvertised opportunities. The more people you talk with, the more connected you’ll be, and the more likely word will echo back to you about potential openings. Check out our Networking section.

BU Alumni

The Career Advisory Network (CAN), operated and maintained by the BU Alumni Association, allows you to contact alums who have volunteered to speak to students about their careers. Please remember this is an informational and networking opportunity only, not a green light to ask for work. Get started by accessing CAN through BUAA’s website. You should also join the BUAA’s LinkedIn group for more opportunities to connect with alums.

Social Networking

Online social networking can increase your opportunities of networking and finding a job. Sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook let you follow organizations you’re interested in and establish connections with thought leaders in related industries and fields.

Some organizations use social networks to post opportunities and recruit potential employees. There are many sites to choose from. Ask around, see what your friends and family use, and check out the ones we recommend.

It's Interesting

  • Tory Johnson is an American author and life coach who educates viewers on a wide range of job-related issues and challenges as the Good Morning America workplace contributor and as a business and career coach at AOL Coaches.
    In addition to her television segments, Johnson writes a weekly column for ABC News in which she addresses topics related...

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Career Development
Career Development
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