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School social workers are specialized counselors who are typically found helping students from elementary to secondary school. The social worker observes the students in his or her school and helps assess social, psychological, and other outside influences that may be impeding the child's progress and education. The social worker typically works in coordination with teachers and parents to help identify and then work past these hindrances.

School social workers will typically attempt to be very visible to the students at the school where they work. The social worker will normally assist teachers in assessing the social or emotional needs of students and identifying at-risk children who may require the worker's assistance. The social worker may administer tests or have one on one conversations with the student to try to get a clear picture of what hurdles are slowing the child's progress. The social worker will typically contact and work closely with parents or guardians to assist the child in moving past these barriers.

To work as a school social worker, a person must typically possess a university degree in child-related or education-related psychology or sociology. Most schools and jurisdictions also require school social workers to carry some sort of certification that must be kept updated as well. A school social worker typically works in a school office and classroom environment during regular school hours.

School Social Worker Tasks

  • Refer students to outside organizations and medical professionals.
  • Conduct psycho-social assessments to diagnose behavioral disabilities and recommends a course of action including medication, environmental and social changes.
  • Counsel students and parents.

It's Interesting

  • Mary Stewart (1862/3 – 4 January 1925) was the first hospital almoner (medical social worker) appointed in the United Kingdom.
    Little is known of Stewart's family or early life. She was educated at the North London Collegiate School for Girls and trained as a social worker with the Charity Organisation Society (later the Family Welfare...

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