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School Social Worker

What is School Social Work?

School social workers serve as a link between students, parents, school staff, and the community. School social workers address concerns about students’ academic success, overall wellbeing and adjustment in school. They provide direct services to families, students and administrators, and help them access school and community resources for added support. School social workers also work with teachers and school administrators to ensure safe and positive school environments. As employees or contractors of school systems, social workers provide one-on-one and group counseling sessions. A school social worker also may address a student’s physical, emotional or economic challenges by making home visits and recommending other resources. In addition to providing counseling and referral services, school social workers frequently coordinate school programs for peer counseling and mentoring. They also provide staff and parent-training opportunities, contribute to school policy development, and develop crisis intervention strategies. Many of the issues addressed by school social workers are unique to educational settings, such as school attendance, bullying, school violence, and support for students with multiple learning problems or risk factors. Other issues, such as substance abuse and teen pregnancy, are also found in the community at large.
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