Corporate Finance Careers

Corporate Finance Careers

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Professionals in corporate finance specialize in assisting organizations in generating fund necessary to support and expand business operations, put together acquisitions, manage cash resources, and ensure future economic stability. Working in corporate finance you could find yourself supporting an international company or a local business looking to break into the global market. Professionals hit the ground running, taking on responsibilities and problem solving their way to success.

Financial officers are responsible for the company’s value. For instance, Columbus Ohio’s American electric Power has a financial group that focuses on flexibility, legal compliance, regulatory support, and liquidity. The finance department of the AEP is in charge of creating and instigating financial policy, developing the financing program, directing cash flow, and coordinating with investors and financial organizations.

As long as you perform well, corporate finance positions are comparatively stable. However, as a finance officer you do not work on commission, or other incentive programs, rather your success is based on your ability to create financial plans that will strengthen an organization in the long run. Many consider corporate finance positions as among the best in the industry.

Corporate Finance perks include:
  • 1. Opportunities to work closely with people in a team setting
    2. The excitement of resolving relevant and important financial issues
    3. Abundant travel opportunities
    4. Substantial income opportunity

Require Skills and Abilities

The skills necessary to work in corporate finance are varied, but most positions require proficiency in the following:

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