Future Careers in demand

College degrees with the highest future demand and salariesA search of the key phrase “internet careers” nets almost 1 billion results. And yet there was a time when such a thing did not exist.

And certainly no one anticipated a career that would require a degree in something called web development or interactive media design – let alone emergency management and homeland security.

But things change.

New job titles.
New degree programs.
New career opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the future holds? Wouldn’t it be awesome to accurately predict which degrees and careers will have the highest salaries? Wouldn’t a crystal ball come in handy for seeing what the best future careers will be?

Well, it is possible.

Here are some resources to help you forecast your future by career type and degree program:

Spend some time at the above links researching careers and degree programs that you find interesting. You’ll be able to figure out which of them is predicted to have the strongest financial incentives, and you’ll also be able to discern which careers and degree programs will see the heaviest demand in the economies of the future.

It's Interesting

  • Edge Foundation, commonly referred to as 'Edge', is an independent education foundation, dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning in the UK. Its aim is for young people to have the opportunity to achieve their potential, to ensure that the UK’s future workforce is equipped with the skills to succeed..
    Edge believes...

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