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For the socially conscious individual, there are few jobs that are more satisfying than a career that relates to criminal justice. Whether that job pertains to solving crime, protecting citizens from crime or defending alleged criminals with a sound legal defense, it is almost always the case that these jobs significantly benefit our society. Indeed, many people that have pursued these noble career paths state that they do so because they want to make a difference, serve their community and help others along the way.

These are incredible goals to be sure and there are many ways in which these goals can be achieved within the criminal justice system. All too often, people watch a good episode of Law and Order and conclude that the criminal justice system primarily revolves around police, lawyers and judges, but the criminal justice system offers many other exciting career opportunities! While altruism and caring for the community can be primary goals for entering into this line of work, money still needs to be made to make any job a realistic career choice. Also of importance is how essential the job itself is in regards to criminal justice, as some jobs in the criminal justice system are too isolated from the justice aspect that so many find desirable.

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criminal defense paralegalFor a job in the criminal justice system to be a great one for a career it needs to satisfy essential criteria. First, the job must promote a significant amount of social good and help others. Second, the job must pay a decent salary and be a good option for choosing a career. Finally, the job must be closely related to criminal justice and not merely tangentially related. It should go without saying, then, that all of the jobs in the following list of top 10 entry level jobs in criminal justice fit this criteria.

fish and gameOf course, these are entry level criminal justice jobs, so donโ€™t be expecting to find that dream FBI job on this list. Those jobs, and the higher salaries that come along with them, require years of experience in the field. The jobs on this list still pay decent salaries and give the tools and necessary experience to eventually transition into that dream criminal justice job! It should be noted, however, that this list is not ordered in terms of most to least desirable entry level criminal justice jobs. Rather, this is simply a list of 10 incredible jobs that satisfy the criteria as described above. Given the wide range of jobs and even wider range of motivations that lead individuals to these positions, a general list is preferable rather than an ordered one. Without further ado, here are 10 incredible jobs to get started in a fulfilling criminal justice career!

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