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Whether you have always enjoyed the thought of solving crimes and contributing to your community or if you have obtained a criminal justice degree and you are seeking work, knowing the best locations to find the job you have in mind can help. Choosing the right state for the job in criminal justice you desire depends on whether you are seeking a high employment rate or a higher annual salary. Finding a job in criminal justice also depends on your degree and the line of work you are interested in.

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Types of Jobs Available With a Criminal Justice Degree

There are many jobs and career paths available once you have obtained a criminal justice degree of your own. Whether you are interested in pursuing forensics or if you are thinking of working as a FBI special agent, having a degree is essential to move forward in criminal justice.

Other careers that can be obtained with a degree in criminal justice include becoming a police officer, detective, correctional officer, judge or even a private investigator. Any careers that surround the law, solving crimes and investigating individuals can be obtained with the proper degree and experience.

North Carolina is considered to have the highest concentration of criminal justice throughout the US, with .43 employed in a criminal justice position out of every 1000 citizens. The average mean wage for workers in criminal justice in North Carolina is $54, 490 annually.

New York is another state that has a better future outlook of available positions in criminal justice. New York hires .15 out of every 1000 individuals to work in a criminal justice career. Individuals who are employed in the criminal justice system in New York earn an average annual salary of $65, 000 depending the position. Taking a job in criminal justice in New York requires the desire to work in a bustling city and a variety of neighborhoods on a regular basis.

California has a high level of employment for those pursuing a career in criminal justice. The state employs approximately .08 out of every thousand people to work in criminal justice. The annual mean wage for those working in criminal justice while living in California is $79, 330.

Ohio provides an array of job and career options when it comes to working in criminal justice. The average individual working in criminal justice in Ohio receives an annual wage of $64, 820. Ohio also has a .21 per 1000 jobs in criminal justice, making it an ideal state to get your start in a wide variety of areas.

Florida residents who work in criminal justice earn an average of $68, 400 annually with an employment rate of .13 per 1000 individuals seeking a job or career in the industry. Additionally, Fort Lauderdale is one of the highest paying metropolitan areas for those who work in criminal justice. Those who work in Fort Lauderdale in a criminal justice position earn approximately $72, 150 annually.

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