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A career in business is more varied than most people realize. It can involve the obvious functions such as management and marketing, but there's an increasing need for business majors to apply their skills in government, international commerce, health care, arts, and non-profit organizations. Business principles can serve as the backbone for economic, political and social systems at all levels.

Your business degree can be applied to virtually any industry and can also be used to help you start your own business. Many students start their professional training with an undergraduate business or business administration degree and proceed to graduate school or an MBA (Master's of Business Administration). Many working adults take online college courses in everything from business management to financial planning, making it easier to advance or change careers even after you've started working.

A business degree provides a broad exposure to all the crucial elements that make an organization function well. It doesn't provide the specialization that more targeted degrees do (such as finance or accounting), but is valuable in its generalist approach. You'll get an overview of many functions in the business world and base your studies on how these functions interact.

What makes a good business major? Any business degree will involve working with numbers and statistical analysis, so you should be comfortable with math. You should also have the ability to 'see the big picture' when it comes to organizational structures, taking into consideration the goals of the group, considering the raw materials or rough data, and developing plans to move projects forward. As a business school student, you should have the ability to communicate concise written and verbal information, excel at team work, and work well under sometimes sustained pressure.

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    The School of Business was founded on July 1, 1981. Initially known...

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