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If you’ve just graduated, or are still studying for your degree in design, you may be wondering just what kind of jobs you will end up with. If this is the case, then this guide is for you.

Geography graduates tend to be fairly open-minded and interested in the world around them. Like many social science courses, geography tends to attract balanced, sociable individuals.

History students are naturally suited to careers as museum or art gallery curators, or in academia. Their analytical and communication skills should also be useful in business and law.

Employers see maths students as logical, numerate and committed. They are particularly sought after in the finance sector, as well as in areas such as logistics, retail and consumer products.

Physics students are trained to analyse evidence and handle equations. This way of thinking can be applied to many job roles, giving them the option of working in a range of industries.

Sociology is a relatively new subject and has had a hard time establishing its reputation. However, the sociology graduate has specialist skills which will be of use in the graduate careers market.

English students have a lot to offer prospective employers, with more experience working in an inter-disciplinary capacity than colleagues from some other degree backgrounds.

IT graduates are often very happy to try new things, an attitude which is popular with employers. Willingness to respond to new developments can be just as valuable as technical knowledge.

If you’re a law student or graduate and you’re having second thoughts about whether you want to work as a solicitor or barrister there are plenty of career paths open to you.

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  • The Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) is a master's degree in leadership studies that is offered by a college of business. It is an alternative to, not a substitute for, the traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The MSL degree requirements may include some business/management courses that are required in an MBA...

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