Careers for those who love horses

Horse breeding is rapidly developing from year to year, which means that there are more and more career opportunities for those people who are interested in working with horses.

Riding instructor

This man watches people who are just learning how to ride a horse. He can demonstrate the correct method, jumping, holding, dressage, posture and so on.

It is very important that a person understands not only horses, but also special equipment, namely, he knows how to choose the right saddle, be sure that he has acquired safe stirrups that will keep the rider getting stuck in the stirrups. These stirrups that can be used both in training and in some competitions. They are comfortable in any weather and terrain. What is their convenience? They are equipped with special magnets, one of which is in the stirrup, the other in the insole of the shoe. Stylish design and available muted colors will impress any rider.


This is a person who can provide preventive medical care and treatment for injuries. To get such a job, you should study a lot, but the average salary is very promising. In addition to being a veterinarian, you can work as a veterinary technician. This is the person who assists the veterinarian during horse examinations and surgical procedures.


This is a specialist who grows with the instructions of the trainer. There are strict guidelines about jockeys' weight and diet, along with their professional training. You can take part in races from the age of 16, but the jockey must be well trained.


This specialist is responsible for ensuring that the hooves of the horses are not injured. To do this, you need to cut and change horseshoes. The blacksmith must see each of his "clients" about 7 times a year.

Photo by Barbara Olsen from Pexels

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