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Skills and Interests: Strong animal handling skills, communication skills, a love for working with animals, ability to multi-task and potentially manage large numbers of animals each day, (in some cases) an understanding of business and marketing, (in some cases) physical fitness and skills with the “tools of the trade”

Position: Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Job Description: Dog walkers and pet sitters often care for other people’s animals in the animal’s home. Dog walkers have become more popular as those with dogs work longer days. Pet sitters may be a slightly more expensive option, but they offer more individualized attention than does a boarding kennel, and the animal can stay in the comfort of its own home.

Opportunities: Some dog walkers and pet sitters work for a company or cooperative, but most work independently. This job is needed anywhere there are pets and people with busy schedules.

Education and Training Needed: To become a dog walker or pet sitter, one must have experience and skill working with domestic animals, and be able to provide references to clients. Experience is more valuable than education in this field.

Position: Boarding Facility Staff

Job Description: The staff at boarding facilities and kennels manage and care for animals in a non-home setting for short periods of time while their guardians are unavailable to care for their animals (on vacation, for example). Some boarding facilities house a variety of animals, while some are restricted to dogs or dogs and cats. Each boarding facility is a little bit different: some offer large rooms for dogs who are walked several times a day, some are equipped simple indoor/outdoor runs and offer less interaction with the staff. The best boarding kennels are those that replicate the animals’ home environment as closely as possible.

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