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Fitness instructor is one of

Salary You Could Earn as an Exercise Science Graduate

The salary you could earn as an exercise science graduate is very difficult to determine, and can vary drastically based on a number of factors, including (not an inclusive list):

• Your level of education (such as if you went on to graduate studies)

• The industry in which you find work

• The type of job you have

• The size and type of your employer

• The region in which you work

• Other work experience you may have accrued

• Other skills you may have

Exercise Science Graduate Salary Ontario: According to a study in 2011 conducted by the Ontario Council of Universities, $50, 760 CAD* is the average salary earned by graduates in the “Other Arts and Sciences” category, 2 years after graduating from Ontario universities in 2010.

*This figure is a composite of all graduates who earned a Bachelor’s degree in “Other Arts and Science”, not specifically for exercise science graduates. Unfortunately, similar statistics for other Canadian provinces and the United States cannot be found from reputable sources.

Gaining Experience in Exercise Science Careers as a Student

Pursuing an internship opportunity (also known as a field placement, practicum or co-op opportunity) in a career field related to your exercise science degree is the best way to gain work experience for your future career while you’re still in school.

Internships are win-win situations - not only do they allow you to gain professional experience while earning school credit, they give employers the opportunity to gain valuable temporary team members.

Working such an opportunity also has several other benefits. For example, it allows you to get your foot in the door with the employer, which can result in being hired upon graduation.

Chances are, that if you’ve done quality work and made a good impression, the organization will want to retain you on a full-time basis once you’ve graduated. They will already be familiar with you and your work ethic, and they will save a great deal of time and expense trying to recruit someone else.

Another important, and often overlooked benefit of internships, is that they give you a chance to experience what actual day-to-day work in the field is like. Sort of like a career test drive. This is the best way to truly figure out if a career in this field is well suited for you or not.

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