Careers related to animals

55 Great Careers Working with

Animal related jobs range from pet sitting to doing wildlife rehabilitation. These jobs are ideal for animal loving RVers and campers. Some careers with animals, though, involve harvesting them.

Both careers and temporary jobs with animals are popular among working RVers and campers. For many, it is because of their love of the animals. They simply enjoy working with the animals.

However, when you look at the list below, you’ll notice some of the jobs involve harvesting and processing the animals. In these cases, other factors are the motivators: good pay, short-term commitments, or availability.

This list of jobs, careers, and places to work that involve animals is just a sampling of what is out there for RVers and campers.

• Animal photographer
• Animal shelters
• Cattle ranches
• Circus jobs
• Commercial fishing
• Dairies
• Deck hand
• Dog grooming
• Dog show judging
• Dog show vendor

• Dog training
• Dude ranches
• Fairs
• Farm hand
• Fish hatcheries
• Fishing guide
• Hog farms
• Horse grooming
• Horse hotels
• Horse ranches

• Horse riding stables
• Horse training
• Hunting guide
• Living history farms
• Magician
• Museums
• Musk ox farms
• National parks
• Obedience trainer
• Ostrich and emu farms

• Pet day care at campgrounds
• Pet sitting in homes
• Pet stores
• Petting zoos
• Pony rides
• Promotion boards for beef, pork, lamb, or ostrich farmers
• Ranch caretaking
• Reindeer farms
• Rodeos
• Sealife centers
• Sheep herding

• Sheep shearing crews
• Stable hand
• Theme parks
• Wilderness guide
• Wildlife parks

It's Interesting

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