Animals Careers

WL BaldEagle Medical 01Did you know you can turn your love of animals into a paying job? It’s true! There are many different jobs to choose from. Whether you like art, walking dogs, observing wildlife, teaching kids or talking to people, there is a career with animals for you.

Check out these ideas:

  • Administration/Office Assistant/Phone Reception – work in the office at an animal organization or animal hospital.
  • Animal Advocate/Animal Activist – run campaigns and educate the public about the rights of animals and how to help them.
  • Animal Behaviorist – research animal behavior and help solve behavior problems.
  • Computer Technician – maintain computers and solve technical problems for animal organizations.
  • Fundraiser/Events Coordinator – work to raise money for an animal organization.
  • Graphic Artist – design educational and promotional material to help an animal organization.
  • Humane Educator– teach people how to help animals and be kind to each other.
  • Horse Groomer – care for horses.
  • Kennel Attendant – care for animals (cats, dogs, other small animals) in shelters, at a boarding kennel, or animal hospital by cleaning, walking, medicating and socializing the animals.
  • Law Enforcement/Animal Control – work on animal welfare and cruelty cases and enforce animal laws.
  • Lawyer – convict animal cruelty offenders, and work on other law issues surrounding animals.
  • Lobbyist – work to introduce or support animal laws in government.
  • Maintenance – build and maintain yards and buildings for animal organizations.
  • Naturalist/Wildlife Biologist – research and work on projects to help wild animals in the wild.
  • Natural Pet Supply Store Owner/Worker – assist people in finding nutritional foods, toys, beds and other products for their animals.
  • Photographer – take photos of animals for a magazine or for your own business.
  • Shelter/Rescue Sanctuary Manager – run a shelter or rescue sanctuary.
  • Veterinarian– help to improve the health of animals – companion animals, wildlife and farm animals.
  • Veterinary Assistant – assist in the care of sick or injured animals in veterinary surgeries and treatments.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – coordinate volunteers working in an animal organization.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator– rescue and rehabilitate wild animals, returning them to the wild.

It's Interesting

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