Animal Careers without College

Caring for animals can lead to an enriching career.Caring for animals can lead to an enriching career.

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If you have a passion for animals but would like to skip college, you can rule out becoming a veterinarian. However, lack of a degree shouldn't keep you from pursuing other animal-related careers, many of which require only a GED or certification. Complete the required training and accumulate experience to be on your way to a position in the field.

Pet Masseuse

A pet masseuse provides a valuable service to animals experiencing chronic pain, recovering from surgery or just getting old. While a massage is often a recreational experience for humans, it is more of a maintenance and rehabilitative practice for animals. Full-time pet masseuses can net from $15, 000 to $60, 000 a year, reports Masseuses set their prices according to comparable rates in their geographic area, the complexity of the massage and the frequency, if ongoing treatment is recommended.

Dog Walker

If you have no problem being on your feet for six to eight hours a day and are not opposed to scooping up poop, become a professional dog walker. This job averages $40, 000 to $60, 000 in yearly income and has low educational requirements, according to To become a professional dog walker, obtain certification and educate yourself about dog body language, pack-management techniques and canine first aid. You also have to build a strong recall with dogs by enforcing commands, learn fight prevention, pack composition and other essential dog-walking fundamentals.

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Pet Groomer

While the average pet groomer makes about $20 per hour, elite pet groomers can earn as much as $75, 000 to $100, 000 a year, making this a potentially profitable animal-related profession, according to Pet groomers help keep pets looking their best by providing regular services, including bathing, combing, shearing and nail-cutting. As a pet groomer, you can work out of your own home, travel to a client's home, or work in a shop or a mobile grooming van. A day in the work life of a groomer might include seeing eight to 10 dogs a day. Certification from the National Dog Grooming Association of America can lend credibility to your proficiency in animal safety, maintenance and dog grooming.

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