Animal Career Quiz

Jobs That Bite host Jeremy Brandt travels the country in search of the wildest animal jobs. On tonight’s adventure, he works triple duty as a bee rescuer, camel milker and python primper. But which ones could you handle?

Uncover your perfect animal dream job with this featuring fun questions that determine where you fit in the animal jobs kingdom.

Do you enjoy primping in front of the mirror? Consider a career as a Cow Beautician, tasked with prepping show bovines for their special beauty pageants. Interested in the wonders of the sea? Get up close and personal with marine beasts by cleaning shark tanks – while avoiding getting bitten in the process . And if you’re not afraid of a little mud, you may have a future mixing up manure and rotten fruit as a tasty snack for worms.

Jobs That Bite Paul Bunyan

Do you have a future as an extreme animal handler? Learn more about the world’s wildest careers on Jobs that Bite, Saturday at 9P on Nat Geo WILD.

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