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1. Training: The system in place for training is nearly non existent. The approach this place is utilizing is basically sink or swim. They throw you in front of a computer and expect you to figure it out for yourself. If you have any questions, please hesitate to ask or you'll either be met with an answer accompanied by an attitude suggesting you're a less then competent human being or an "I'll get back to you on that."

2. Micromanaging: Have you ever wanted to work in a place where you have to defend, on a weekly basis, the amount of work you put forth against a higher than high expectation? You must defend this whether or not there was enough work available for you to do in the first place. On top of that, consider that you're competing against your coworkers, some of whom are "besties" with upper management. The favorites always have a steady stream of work that can be done at any pace with no repercussion, while the plebs are left to fend for themselves for whatever work is available and to complete their tasks at unimaginable speeds that upper management deems as "reasonable". Most, if not all of the upper management, do not understand what is done at various levels of work, and thus cannot manage anything properly.

3. Communication and Management: There seems to be almost no synergy or communication between different branches of the same team. You'd think it would be helpful to learn about exactly how your workload is affected by other branches of the team and where to direct certain information but everything here is shrouded in mystery and not a single person seems to know. Management will also tell you one thing explicitly and will later come back to you with a completely different expectation. And guess who's fault it is.

It's Interesting

  • Joshua Jones is a 13 year veteran of major-market radio management. His family, however, has been in the radio business well over 50 years. He has helped take KHYI 95.3 FM in Dallas, Texas from a small rimshot station in Allen, Texas to a nationally and critically-acclaimed "blow torch of twang" serving Dallas/Ft. Worth, the fifth largest media...

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