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North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) are located across the state and each serves a multi-county region. They provide community-based education for health care professionals. The AHEC mission is to meet the primary health care needs on the people of North Carolina by improving the supply, distribution, and quality of health care professionals. AHEC’s core services are primary care residency training, health science student support, health careers and workforce diversity, support for practicing health professionals, and information and library services.

AHECs are vitally important in the education and careers of health care workers. An AHEC might help a student interested in health occupations find enrichment activities and educational programs before high school graduation. Once the student enters a college or university, AHEC supports for community-based student training. Health professionals working in North Carolina depend on their AHECs for continuing education and access to first-rate library and information services. AHECs also offer educational programs in smaller communities so health care professionals can continue to work while they pursue advanced degrees. More information is available at the NC AHEC Program Web site.

Each of the nine AHECs and the Duke AHEC Program has a director of Health Careers and Workforce Diversity. This director develops programs and activities targeting students and others interested in pursuing a profession in health care. Click on the AHEC region that serves your county on the map for more information.


Through a variety of programs and activities geared toward disadvantaged students - from elementary to graduate school - as well as to their parents, mentors and communities, NC-HCAP works to increase the number of these students trained and employed in the health professions in our state. When these students pursue their careers in North Carolina's underserved communities, they promote a higher quality of life for us all.

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  • The Northwest Area Health Education Center (Northwest AHEC) of Wake Forest University School of Medicine is one of nine regional Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) of the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program. Northwest AHEC is an educational outreach center and training program designed to work towards bettering the health of...

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