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You may still be in high school, but it's not too early to start thinking about your career. The fields listed here are expected to offer growth and job opportunities today and tomorrow.

Finding your career path takes time. To help you get started, hereโ€™s an overview of the top 10 career fields in the United States.

1. Computers and Technology

Thanks to advances in the Internet, microelectronics, and telecommunications, computers and technology continue to be a very hot career category. Computer systems design and information services are expanding rapidly. As cell phone companies improve their services, specialists in microelectronics will be in demand. Tech-savvy workers will be hired to build better laptops, digital cameras, MP3s, PDAs, and satellites for radio communications.

The field of technology will be further driven by innovations such as advanced artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, in which scientists learn to build futuristic gadgets atom by atom.

2. Health Care and Allied Health

As the baby-boom generation ages, the demand for health care services is expected to increase dramatically. In fact, 15 of the 30 fastest-growing careers in the country are health-related. Registered nurses currently lead the pack in terms of job opportunities, but openings for chiropractors, veterinarians, and speech-language pathologists are also expected to increase.

To help control costs, many tasks and procedures formerly performed by doctors and other high-level health care professionals are now being done by assistants. As a result, job opportunities for dental assistants, physician assistants, and therapy aides are on the rise.

Stricter regulations and expanding services in health care will require more medical records specialists and health information technicians. Many of these positions require only a two-year degree.

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