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Jobs for physical and occupational therapists are among some of the fastest growing in the medical field.Jobs for physical and occupational therapists are among some of the fastest growing in the medical field.

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The medical field continues to grow and expand despite an unstable economy. Some of the largest areas of growth have been in careers relative to geriatrics and therapy, as well as high-tech jobs like bio-medical engineering and diagnostic medical sonography. Additionally, jobs for nurses, physician's assistants, dietitians and nutritionists continue to be in abundance.

Bio-medical Engineering

Bio-medical engineers use engineering and design skills to help solve problems in the medical field. This may include duties such as designing medical equipment and devices, overseeing product manufacturing or conducting research. Jobs for bio-medical engineers are available in a variety of health care environments such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical schools/universities. A minimum of a Bachelor's degree in bio-medical engineering is required to work in this field. Some jobs may require advanced or graduate studies.

Speech Pathologist and Audiologist

Speech pathologists diagnose and treat speech, language and communication disorders. Additionally, they may work with patients who have swallowing difficulties due to strokes or brain injuries. Likewise, audiologists work with hearing and audiology problems. These professionals are employed by rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics, schools or home health care agencies. In most states, a minimum of a Master's degree is needed to practice speech pathology, and a doctorate degree for the job of audiologist.

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Occupational and Physical Therapist

Both occupational and physical therapists work with patients to help them recover after an illness, disease or accident leaves them disabled in some way. Occupational therapists are specifically trained to assist patients in adapting to their living or working environment. They may work with patients on things like showering, operating a computer, transferring to bed or improving memory. They may also recommend and teach patients to use medical equipment to help with special needs. Similarly, the physical therapist works to help patients regain movement and manage pain. Occupational therapists are required to have a Master's degree in most states while physical therapists need a doctoral degree.

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