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Medical healthcare professionals who rehabilitate patients from injury, illness, or birth defects generally have significant patient contact and provide long-term care. In essence, you will get to know your patients and witness their small gains over time. The medical rehabilitation profession has one common goal, to restore a patient's physical, social, and vocational function through rehabilitation. There are many specialties in medical rehabilitation. One of the most well-known are physical therapists. However, there are also audiologists, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists, chiropractors, kinesiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists. Most of these professions also have assistant and aide positions available.


If you handle stress well, don't mind the sight of blood, or could see yourself as part of a surgical team, then a health career on a surgical team may be a good fit. Positions include surgical technologists (which requires just 2 years or less of school), nurses who assist the surgeon, surgeons who perform the operation, and anesthesiologists who sedate the patient or numb the area in which the operation is occuring.


There are many high demand careers within the medical healthcare field that require two years or less of education and many are in the diagnostic category. Many medical technician positions have a high growth rate with great pay. Some careers to explore include: Ultrasound Technician (Sonographer), Cardiovascular Technologist/Technician, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Phlebotomist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Radiation Therapist, Radiation Technologist

Dental Care

You can receive your doctorate and become a dentist or enter the dental field in 2 years or less as a dental assistant or dental hygientist. These positions have above average growth rates and pay well.

Healthcare Administrative

You may want to go into the healthcare field, but maybe patient care isn't your ideal career. You may find a rewarding career providing healthcare administration. The growth rate is high and many educational programs are very short (some less than 1 year). Example careers include: Medical Coder and Biller, Medical Records Technician, Healthcare Administration, Medical Office Assistant, and Medical Transcriptionist.


If you want to learn more about medicine and how it can help people, you may really like pharmaceutical career. You can become a pharmacist in as little as 5 years (though most people have a bachelor's degree then attend a 4 year pharmaceutical school) or become a Pharmacy Technician/Assistant in two years or less!

Public Health

You may really like helping...

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Looking for a Career in the Healthcare Field?
Looking for a Career in the Healthcare Field?

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