Career Options in the medical field

Increasing career options

Maybe it’s always been your dream to be a doctor – or maybe it’s always been your parents’ dream that you be a doctor. Either way, the costs and dedication required to earn your MD means this career is not for everyone.

For the 2010-2011 school year, first-year tuition fees at Harvard Medical School were $45, 050; by the time you add in additional school fees and living expenses, Harvard’s website estimates a total cost of $70, 000 for the first year alone. And that’s before any travel costs if you don’t happen to live in the northeastern United States. According to a New England Journal of Medicine article from September 2009, 25% of medical school graduates have debt exceeding $200, 000 – and that’s not including the cost of their undergraduate degree.

1. Medical Perfusionist – $93, 500
If you watch any medical drama, you’re likely familiar with characters undergoing surgery that requires them to be on a bypass machine. Those who operate these machines, as well as other equipment that temporarily controls a person’s circulation and respiratory function, are called perfusionists.

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  • Carrick High School is a public school in the Carrick neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
    Carrick is one of ten high schools in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and one of the few to offer Business Technology and Health Technology Programs.
    The Business Technology Program consists of three different levels, the first being an...

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Train for a Rewarding Career in the Medical Field with ISHC!
Train for a Rewarding Career in the Medical Field with ISHC!
Medical Field Career Options
Medical Field Career Options
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