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When junior Nora Sylvestre heard about the new medical club, she was very excited to join since she wants to pursue a job in the medical field when she’s older.

The medical club is a new club created to inform students about the many ways to become involved in the medical field beyond high school according to adviser Casie Budolfson.

Budolfson said the medical club will examine all aspects of medicine and help with career placement.

“It’s going to be a club where students can learn about different careers in the medical field, especially ones that have not been heard of besides the typical doctor and other avenues they can take if they are interested in going into some line in the medical field, ” Budolfson said.

Sylvestre said joining the medical club will help learn about the accomplishments needed to pursue her dream job.

“I’m interested in going into nursing and I think it would be cool to learn about the qualifications you need to get in and what classes to take in college, ” Sylvestre said.

Budolfson said her plans for the club are to obtain people within the medical field to discuss their jobs and encourage students to study within the medical field.

“We want to get speakers to come in from the Twin Cities that have some of these careers and they can talk to students about what they need to do in highschool and college that can help them to go into that career, ” Budolfson said. “We would hopefully take some field trips so students can see first hand what some of these scientists do.”

Sylvestre said students would be interested in joining the club because they get to learn about different jobs dealing with medicine and science.

“In high school we have classes like english and social studies but we don’t have classes that are specific to jobs so it’s hard to know what degree you need to get certain jobs and what classes you’re going to need to take, ” Sylvestre said. “I think this club is a good chance for students who are more interested in medical careers to learn more about them.”

Budolfson said the medical club is open to students in all grades and all class levels, since jobs in the medical field don’t require students who have a certain educational background.

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