Best Sports Medicine colleges


Sports medicine is an area of study and practice that deals with the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Individuals in this field are trained to promote exercise and good health, as well as provide immediate care in the event that an athlete falls victim to injury. Individuals in this field have received formal medical training before specializing in the field.

Education and Schools

Individuals in this field will receive normal medical training and residency prior to returning to school to specialize in sports medicine. A sports medicine program will cover the nuances and preventative measures employed by the field, as well as various emergency treatments that may be exhibited through various sports in order to be prepared for immediate care. Additionally, techniques will be learned that assist in keeping players fit and strong in order to avoid potential problems.

A curriculum may include:

  • Physiology
  • Sports and Treatment
  • Common Ailments
  • Pain Management
  • Biology

Sports medicine schools should have active programs that are up to date regarding the evolving methodologies and techniques developed to deal with specific sport related issues. Additionally, current information regarding preventive care and environment where such an education can applied and practices are ideal for potential sports medicine specialists to be. Contacting programs to see what kind of practical experience is available can go a long way in determining which school is right for the individuals student.

Employment Opportunities

Individuals in this field will typically seek employment through professional sports teams, or as personal hires of individual players or group of players. A doctor will receive his or her certification through one of the many certifying bodies that provide additional education in sports medicine. Athletic programs at schools and individual leagues may also have professionals employed to ensure safety at sporting events. Job growth is expected to increase as the population grows and more individuals seek athletics as a personal, collegiate or professional activity requiring more healthcare professionals.

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