Careers with a Bachelors in Sociology

Sociology / Anthropology: The

Students in B.S. programs engage in analytical discussion and studies of various social groups. Students might also have the opportunity to participate in internships or study-abroad programs related to sociological work. A B.S. in Sociology is a versatile degree that can be a useful tool for many wide-ranging career options in diverse fields, such as business or education.

  • Prerequisites: High school diploma

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Individuals applying to a bachelor's degree program in sociology generally need a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) credential. Students can further prepare themselves by taking courses in government, sociology, English, and economics during high school. Students learn the conceptual tools of the discipline and study such broad areas as demography, military sociology, social psychology, and political economies. They might also concentrate on more specific societal issues, such as birth control, gangs, poverty, or domestic violence. Some topics sociology majors might encounter during their studies include:

  • Sociological theory and social movements
  • Research methods
  • Family and society
  • Health and illness
  • Mass media
  • Race and racism

Popular Career Options

A degree in sociology is versatile in the job market, since many careers draw on different aspects of sociology. Individuals with B.S. degrees in sociology can find employment in a wide variety of related jobs, such as:

  • Correctional officers
  • Market researchers
  • Social work assistants
  • Caseworkers
  • Probation officers

Employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is available for numerous careers that require a bachelor's degree in sociology. From 2012-2022, employment of market research analysts is projected to grow at a much-faster-than average rate of 32%, while social workers should see faster-than-average growth of 19%. Jobs for probation officers, however, will decline by 1%. 2014 median annual salaries for market research analysts and probation officers were $61, 290 and $49, 060 respectively. The BLS divides social worker salary data into 4 professional specializations: mental health and substance abuse; child, family, and school; healthcare; and all other, for which the 2014 median annual salaries were $41, 380, $42, 120, $51, 930, and $59, 100 respectively.

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