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Sociology majors have found employment in a wide variety of areas. The unspecialized nature of the program means that students are not narrowly “tracked” into any single career path, but remain free to choose from many possibilities. Individual major programs emphasizing, for instance, criminology, in conjunction with minors such as gerontology, education, justice studies, women’s studies, and American studies are popular. (Note: Double-counting up to two courses is possible for these minors.)

A recent departmental alumni survey indicates the wide spectrum of employment found by our majors – data analysis, educational administration, personnel administration, counseling, mental health, law, library science, communications, corrections, insurance, social planning, marketing, environmental analysis, and social work. Some of our majors have also pursued academic employment.

Many sociology majors plan to obtain graduate degrees in the social sciences or other fields. Judging by the successes of recent graduates, the UNH undergraduate sociology program provides a good background for further study. In fact, UNH itself has very active M.A. and Ph.D. programs in sociology.

As part of their undergraduate training, students gain practical knowledge about how data for social research are collected and analyzed. The ability to understand, plan and perform social research is a very valuable skill for many occupations in business, science, education, and the service professions. Students wishing to develop these skills beyond the required course work will find additional opportunities and guidance (under independent study, reading and research course, and senior thesis) to design and carry out their own research projects, or to work with faculty on ongoing investigations.

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