Careers in Sociology major

Careers In Sociology Major

There are many reasons to major in sociology. The primary reasons are intellectual (intriguing course content and skill development) and practical (many diverse potential career options). A major in sociology should appeal to both the careerist and the idealist.


On the intellectual side, and most importantly, sociology is about understanding "the big picture." Sociologists try to understand both broad and narrow social phenomena, issues and problems, and in doing so, they integrate the findings of other social science disciplines. Sociology integrates the findings of economics, political science, psychology and history. Rather than viewing our world only through one lens, sociologists view the world though lenses that combine these diverse perspectives. In addition, in sociology one can study many of the substantive topics that the others social sciences examine. Thus, the fields of ethnic studies, gender and cultural studies build on important sociological traditions and findings.

In sociology, you can:

  • Learn how business works through the study of organizations, economic processes, human relations and institutions
  • Learn how politics and law work through the study of sociology of law, politics, social movements and revolutions
  • Learn how science and medicine create truths and change the world sociology of science, sociology of knowledge, and technological change
  • Learn how societies create opportunities and perpetuate inequalities poverty, education, gender, ethnicity and race relations
  • Learn how communites of belief and kin are created sociology of culture, religion and family

Sociology, then, provides a global perspective and rich picture of how the social world works. Courses cover a wide range of material, and teach analytical skills and flexibility of mind to allow you to see your world in new ways. By itself, it is a broad major for the intellectually curious, and works well as a double major with other more narrow degree programs.


What can you do with a BA in Sociology from UCSD? Sociology provides a broad liberal arts base from which to explore a world of job opportunities. Depending on what kinds of courses you concentrate on, you can use sociology to develop some expertise, or a taste for, some kinds of occupations or the social world where they are located.

  • SOCIOLOGY provides knowledge and analytical skills needed to pursue a professional degree in law, business, education, health & medicine, social work, or counseling
  • It offers preparation for fields that involve investigative skills and working with diverse people, such as journalism, politics, public relations/marketing, business, human resources or public administration
  • It provides the strong liberal arts preparation needed for positions in the criminal justice system, business, social service and government
  • It is a first step for future graduate work in sociology in order to become a professor or researcher

Many recently graduated UCSD sociology majors have gone on to law school, medical school, or to pursue a graduate degree in business. For more information regarding what Sociology majors do with their degree, check out the information provided by the American Sociological Association.

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  • Józef Chałasiński (1904-1979) was a Polish sociologist.
    He studied at the University of Poznań under the famous Polish sociologist, Florian Znaniecki, gaining a PhD in 1927. He joined the faculty of the University of Warsaw in 1935. Since 1945 he became involved with the University of Łódź (from which he received an honorary doctorate). Member...

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