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Many sociology majors work in social service, helping vulnerable populations.Many sociology majors work in social service, helping vulnerable populations.

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Sociology is the scientific study of society, social dynamics and societal influences on human behavior. Sociologists study human behavior and interactions in settings ranging from the family to the workplace. Men and women who major in sociology while in college develop educational foundations for careers in business, education, social service and government. Students who pursue graduate-level study in sociology often enter careers in higher education, consulting and research.

Entry-Level Jobs

The University of Oregon's Sociology Department reports a bachelor's degree in sociology prepares graduates for entry-level positions in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The study of sociology teaches research, analysis, communication, and critical thinking - skills valued by many employers that are suitable to a wide range of occupations. The American Sociological Association reports sociological study also prepares students for careers in fields that involve research and investigative work with diverse groups of people, such as journalism, public relations, politics and public administration.

Survey Results

A 2008 study by the ASA surveyed sociology graduates about their careers. Two-thirds of graduates surveyed reported their jobs were closely related to what they learned as sociology majors. According to the study, more than 25 percent of the graduates surveyed worked in social service careers, such as counselors or psychologists. Another 15.8 percent worked in clerical or administrative support positions, and 14.4 percent worked in management. Other graduates reported working in sales and marketing, or as school teachers and librarians.

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