Highest Paying Social Work Jobs

There are many different kinds of social workers but the bottom line is: Those in the profession assist people in managing their daily lives, coping with issues, navigating relationships, and solving personal and family problems.

A social worker will work closely with patients and their families to assess and treat a myriad of issues, and to help in understanding and coping with emotional and social problems of various natures. And, for those wondering about job prospects, social work is a fast growing field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with 20 percent employment growth projected over the next decade. If you are interested in working with children, individuals and families, what follows is a list, based on several published lists including the BLS of the highest paying social work jobs.

8. Substance Abuse Counselor

Average annual salary: $38, 000

Educational requirements: Depending on the position, the minimum requirement could either be a high school diploma or a master’s degree. The higher your level of education is, the better your prospects will be.

The job: One of the most crucial social work jobs imaginable; substance abuse counselors help people recovering from drug addiction, behavioral disorders, such as an eating disorder. They can work with parents as a guiding force for helping patients integrate back into areas of their lives where their behavior has left a destructive trail, including work and personal relationships. Part of rehab process involves consulting with the families of patients about what treatment options are best suited for remedying the condition of their loved one. But substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors don’t only offer their expertise to patients. Counselors often run outreach programs to warn others about the dangers of addiction and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Healthcare Social WorkerA warning: Hearing every day about the devastating effect addiction has had on a person’s life can be an emotional experience, so those who wish to enter this field should have a temperament that mixes empathy with patience.

Like most social work jobs, this career is expected to grow substantially over the next ten years

7. Marriage and Family Therapist

Average annual salary: $45, 700

Educational requirements: You’ll need to become licensed and earn a master’s degree in order to become a practicing therapist.

The job: Marriage and family therapists help people cope with the challenges of life, particularly with regard to mental disorders and personal relationships. They are trained and licensed to independently diagnose and treat mental health and substance abuse problems.

Substance Abuse Counselor Clinical social worker

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