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One common misconception about the field of social work is that those who choose to become social workers choose the profession from the get-go. There are certainly those who consider social work to be a calling, and stay in the field throughout their entire careers, but there are just as many, if not more, who get into social work after working in other fields.

The reasons that people transition into a social work career generally mirror those of any career change. Burnout, lack of fulfillment, and a desire to do something more meaningful are the most obvious reasons for career changers seeking a social work job. However, there are a large number of social workers who come from the law enforcement, education, and health care fields, usually spurred by what they perceive to be injustice in those fields. For example, a teacher who works with underprivileged children might decide to become a social worker to have a stronger voice in the fight against child neglect or hunger.

Health care and educational settings have the greatest overlap with social work, in terms of the working environment and the skills and personality traits necessary for success, a number of other transferrable skills are useful within social work. Regardless of background, anyone who wishes to become a social worker must meet the educational requirements, including earning a Master’s of Social Work and passing a licensing exam, but tapping into your existing skills can increase the likelihood of both landing a job and making a difference in the populations you serve.

Social workers must be flexible, compassionate, and understanding in order to provide excellent services to their clients. However, some other skills are important as well.

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