Types of Careers in Psychology


Most Psychology majors, or students planning to take Psychology as an undergraduate course, do not have the slightest idea on what lies ahead. Most of them are driven by the interesting research findings in Psychology, yet back away to take traditional courses in the Physical Sciences or in Business because the future of majoring in Psychology is not very clear. Fear no more. This article aims to enlighten the Psychology student on career options for taking Psychology as an undergraduate course.

Benefits of Majoring in Psychology

Majoring in Psychology is like skill training. All undergraduate Psychology students undergo training in conducting research, measurement and computation, problem-solving, critical thinking and writing - areas currently in demand in various types of work. Although it is unlikely that an undergraduate degree in Psychology could lead to monumental income, most graduates in Psychology receive compensation above the median salary in the United States. Furthermore, psychologists are armed with the cause of understanding themselves and others, and improving the lives of other people as well.

Job Possibilities for an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology

In the Business sector, Psychology graduates can apply in/as Admissions Recruiter, Advertising, Insurance Agent, Loan Officer, Management Trainee, Personnel Administrator, Public Relations, Retail Sales Management, Sales Representative and Textbook Representative.

In the Research division, Psychology graduates can apply in/as Grant and Report Writer, Information Specialist or Researcher, Marketing Researcher, Mental Health Aide, Research Analyst, Research Assistant, Statistical Assistant and Trainee for Product Research Companies.

In the Social and Human Services, Psychology graduates cam apply in/as Alumni Affairs Coordinator, Case Worker, Drug Abuse Counselor, Employment Counselor, Fund-Raising Specialist, Mental Health Aide, Parent Educator and Youth Counselor.

It's Interesting

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