What are some Music Careers?

Popular Careers in the Music
Best Answer:&nbsp Personal Manager (or Artist Manager, Agent)
Personal managers represent one or more musical groups or artists, and oversee all aspects of an act's career. They deal with and advise the act(s) on all business decisions and many of the creative decisions an artist must make, and attempt to guide the artist's rise to the top.

Booking Agent (or Talent Agent)
Booking agents work to secure performance engagements for musical artists and groups. They work to find talent to book, and may be involved with developing the talent toward a goal. They must possess good communication skills to sell talent and develop contacts in the music industry. They often work closely with an act's Manager, and may be involved in setting the fee and negotiating with promoters or clubs. A booking agent is paid a percentage of the negotiated fee for an act's performance.

Concert Promoter
The concert promoter presents, organizes, advertises, and in many cases, finances concerts at performance venues such as arenas, festivals, clubs, church buildings, auditoriums, etc. The promoter often secures money for the concert by finding others to share in the profits/expenses. However, it is often times the concert promoter who absorbs all the financial risk.

Independent Radio Promoter
The Independent Radio Promoter (IRP) has a similar role as that of a Promotional Staffer at a record label, except the IRP is usually employed by an Independent Radio Promotions Company or they may work freelance. Often times a record label, artist/band or manager will hire the services of an Independent Radio Promotions Company to generate airplay of a particular song or record.

The IRP contacts radio station program directors, music directors, and disc jockeys in a local, regional, national or even an international market. They set up appointments with these station people and bring a number of new album releases as well as a supply of promotional or press material relating to the artist or band. An IRP may socialize frequently with program directors and music directors to help improve the chances that a radio station will add a song to its playlist. An IRP often will often take key radio station personnel out to lunch, dinner, or for drinks. They may also bring a program director to a club in order to listen to a group play a song(s) live and gauge audience response.

Entrepreneur (Music Business)
A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a music business venture. Some common businesses started by music entrepreneurs are: Recording Studio Facility, Private Teaching Practice, Performing Band, Booking Agency, Artist Management, Music Retail, Music Publishing Company, Record Label, etc.

Retail Sales Management
A Retail Sales Manager works, runs and operates a retail music store. Duties would include employee supervision, training, ordering, coordinate the timing and arrival of distribution shipments to the store, budgetary and financial planning, and coordinate sales promotions for specific CDs.

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