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What does a music producer do? Music producers are responsible for helping musical artists achieve the best possible sound for their recorded music. Music producers must have extensive knowledge of audio recording techniques and the best way to use music studio equipment. Producers must be able to work closely with musical artists to create the kind of sound that the artist desires.

Successful music producers are able to work with artists in a wide range of musical styles. Most producers have an appreciation for many different kinds of music and often see live musical performances. Producers must also be technically skilled and able to use microphones and computer software to engineer quality recordings.

Producers often work with record companies and music industry professionals to help artists achieve the best exposure for their music. An awareness of new musical trends and new audio production technology is key for this profession. Producers must also have excellent social skills and the ability to network with other people in the music industry as well as with the public.


  • Work with musical artists in a recording studio to record new songs
  • Arrange, set up and use microphones and other recording equipment
  • Meet with new artists and music industry professionals to schedule work
  • Generate ideas for creative approaches to recording music
  • Market their skills to artists looking for recording sessions

How much does a music producer make Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, music producers earned an average of $55, 340 per year in 2012, or $26.60 per hour. The pay ranges from a low of $22, 810 per year up to the high end of $97, 700 per year.

Many factors can affect the pay rate for music producers. As with most professions, the amount of pay that a music producer earns is largely based on the amount and range of experience that a producer has. Other factors affecting pay can include the location where a music producer works, the type of music that he or she produces and the popularity of the artist for whom they are working.

Music producers who work in urban areas with a thriving music scene will often find more work than music producers located in smaller cities. Producers may work long hours in order to polish a song to an artist's specifications. This may include working on evenings and weekends as well as frequent trips to see live music performances in venues. Some producers own their own recording studios while others may work for record companies or work independently in a freelance capacity.

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