Different Music Careers

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Music is an intense part of our lives. Many people wish to make career in music, but they do not go ahead thinking that normal job is safe and secure and music-related career is full of risk with less security. You need to get rid of this misconception and carry out your dream, aim, and passion.

It is not even always necessary to have musical talent or working directly in the music industry to have a successful path in a career in music. There are many openings in this field that you can try for combining your love of music with your next job.

Different Opportunities in Music

Career in Music Performance

-You can be a performing artist concentrating in the performance of music, be it original or cover material. You may work as a solo or back up with other musicians as a group.

-You can be a background vocalist and back up other singers and musicians on recordings, commercials, or in live performances.

-You can work as a vocal soloist in orchestra or recording ensemble or be an orchestra/group member and perform the music as directed by the group leader.

-You can also be a part of floor show band working in hotels, nightclubs, resorts, etc., or a theater musician, or a musician of a band who performs on worship service.

Career in Composition and Writing

-You can be a composer by creating original music, either only instrumental pieces or combined with lyrics. You can also compose music for videos, films, ads, shows, theaters, or other multimedia industry.

-You can be an arranger and provide musical arrangements of a musical piece or song of an artist, orchestra, band, or any group.

-You can serve as an orchestrator by transposing music from one to another instrument and writing scores for orchestra, band, or any other ensemble.

-You can act as a copyist who transfers musical pieces from a score onto separate parts or a transcriber by notating musical pieces onto a score from a recorded one.

-Even a conductor’s role is important as he/she has to prepare an orchestra or any ensemble for the best performance they are capable of performing.

It's Interesting

  • Berkleemusic is the online Extension School of Berklee College of Music. The school offers college-credit certificate programs which include over 50 different study options available in subjects including: songwriting, music production, arranging, theory, harmony, ear training, electronic music production, guitar, bass, keyboard, music theory...

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