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Conklin, NY- Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc. hosted the annual Texas Roadhouse Meat Cutters North East Regional Competition Friday, November 15, 2013 at Maines’ headquarters in Conklin, New York. The competition, which has been held for over 10 years, aims to recognize and appreciate the Texas Roadhouse in-house restaurant butchers, and to award the best of the best with a $20, 000 grand prize later at the National Competition. In a time when machinery can mass-cut steaks, Texas Roadhouse celebrates the art of meat cutting - a difficult and specialized craft- as well as the meat cutters themselves who are individually responsible for cutting over $1 million worth of meat per year at their restaurant.

Maines Paper & Food Service is happy to team up with Texas Roadhouse to make this year’s competition a charity event. The Texas Roadhouse competition yields about 300 steaks and it was obvious to Maines Paper & Food Service, CEO Christopher Mellon that “we need to put these steaks to good use for those less fortunate in our community”. Maines is partnering with the Rescue Mission in Binghamton and will be providing all the fixings for the rest of the meal to be served by approximately 40 Maines associates. Mellon says, “It is nice to give back to the community where most of our associates reside and serving a special hot meal was a great opportunity to do just that.” “Texas Roadhouse was thrilled to have the steaks go to a good cause so it was a win for all.” The Rescue Mission in conjunction with United Presbyterian Church in Binghamton contacted YWCA, YMCA, VOA (Volunteers of America) and offered everybody seats at the table. Dinner will be served on Friday night. Vikki Collazo of the Rescue Mission Whitney Place says “We are thrilled Maines and Texas Roadhouse have provided this opportunity for our community through these vital organizations. This meal comes on the day before the start of Hunger and Homeless week which begins on Saturday, November 16th – the 24th. What a great way to bring awareness to the community with this meal.”

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