Public Finance Careers

In keeping with its tradition

J.P. Morgan’s industry leading Public Finance group within the Corporate & Investment Bank serves the firm’s public sector and non-profit clients with a focus on meeting the complex investment banking needs of U.S. municipalities, non-profits, and taxable/tax-exempt fixed income investors. In facilitating our clients’ access to capital, Public Finance is divided into Investment Banking, covering issuer clients and Sales & Trading, covering investor clients. Full-time Analysts are hired directly into either the Investment Banking program or the Sales & Trading program. Mobility opportunities are well supported and encouraged. Investment Banking and Sales & Trading cover different sides of the business but offer exposure to all aspects of the capital markets given the close interaction and collaboration among the various teams within Public Finance. As a member of the Public Finance group, you will be directly involved in transactions from day one, helping address the challenges faced by our public sector clients.

The magnitude of an Analyst's job

As a Public Finance Investment Banking Analyst, you will work side by side with colleagues from our offices around the country to create solutions that meet the diverse financial needs of prominent public sector clients. Our coverage teams are based regionally and by industry sector. You will be placed in a specific coverage team based on your interests and the business needs. Mobility among teams and regions is supported and encouraged. This role provides exposure to all aspects of capital markets by working closely with the Public Finance sales, trading, debt capital markets, underwriting, credit origination, and derivative teams, with opportunities to directly manage the deal process from inception all the way to closing.

As a Public Finance Sales & Trading Analyst, you will be part of a team of top professionals who execute transactions with institutional clients and learn first-hand how capital flows from the world's largest institutional investors to its most prominent public sector borrowers and issuers. Sales & Trading Analysts often start in the Public Finance Debt Capital Markets team where you will be immersed in the municipal market learning about all of the various product types, overall market dynamics, types of investors and risk management in the business. Based on the business needs in Sales & Trading and individual performance, Analysts may later be assigned to one of the various other functions.

Responsibility from the start

As a Full-Time Investment Banking Analyst, you will:
  • Perform debt modeling and financial analysis including credit and debt capacity analysis using Excel and other financial software
  • Partner with bankers and product specialists to generate, evaluate and execute the appropriate client solutions
  • Prepare and assist in the development of client presentation materials
  • Create and organize written responses to Requests for Proposal
  • Attend client meetings and oral presentations
  • Participate in all stages of transaction execution, from pitch to closing
  • Interact with various areas across the firm to facilitate transaction execution and client needs

It's Interesting

  • The Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS) was created in 2007 and operates on the campuses of both the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan. It was named to honor Albert Wesley Johnson, who had served as President of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation among other posts, and Thomas Shoyama, a journalist who...

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