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RuthThis week we spotlight Ruth Mayhew as our featured contributor. Ruth specializes in a plethora of categories including careers, legal, and business– truly a well-rounded individual. She can technically offer you career advice, present legal documentation, and run a business. Plus she has a great taste in film!

School: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Degree: M.A. Sociology; B.A. Sociology
Approved Section(s): Careers, Business & Personal Finance; Legal; Social Science

Let’s kick things off. What’s something you’d want to Tweet right now? (140 characters max

I concur! You started writing in the 80’s, what do you miss most about the 80’s? My figure.

Not the fashion? Describe your ideal dream job: I’d love to be a professional interviewer. Not the person who interviews candidates – I want to be on the candidate side of the desk. Perhaps as an undercover job seeker who evaluates employers’ interview and selection processes.

casinoWhat’s the worst advice you ever received? An aunt told me, “You need to settle down, get married and have children.” It was poor advice for me, because that’s never been the lifestyle I wanted. Good thing I didn’t listen.

Considering you write for Legal and Business, what’s your favorite movie that portrays legal/business shenanigans? “Casino, ” with Robert DeNiro. Around the time that movie was released, I was in the beginning stages of my HR career. I was a labor specialist for an international law firm and my job was to develop union avoidance strategy. My then boss recommended that I watch it because he said it would have “particular relevance” to my work.

Have you ever had a run-in with the Law? Oh my goodness, no!

The greatest breakfast food is…Eggs Benedict and bottomless Bloody Mary’s because they go so well with a Sunday edition of The New York Times!

likemindsThe part you struggle most when writing/editing? Not writing 700-, 800, and 900-word articles.

Can you tell us what secret weapons you have for writing…you know, Tricks of the Trade? I write from my professional expertise – I don’t research first. I select only titles on subjects that are firmly within my wheelhouse. When I choose a title, I ask myself, “Could I deliver a quick, extemporaneous speech about this?” If the answer is yes, then I claim the title and write the story. Then, I go back and find the references and resources that support my expertise and knowledge of the subject.

Time for a this or that — Ruth’s answers in bold

  • Disneyland or California Adventure
  • Beach or Snow
  • Glass of Wine or 2 Fingers of Whiskey (Bourbon)
  • Waking up Early or Staying out Late
  • Dog or Cat
  • Phone Call or Text
  • Checkers or Chess

Finally, what’s the best part about working within Careers (or Legal, or Business)? The best part is knowing that I’m writing about something people can use every day, whether they’re managing staff or simply learning about HR. Also, I have a fabulous group of writer-friends with whom I frequently chat. Sharing ideas with my colleagues is difficult when you’re remotely situated, but in the past four years with Demand, I’ve developed what I hope are strong, connections with like minds.

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