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cloud architectThe right bachelor’s degree can lead to an array of opportunities, including high paying jobs. Our list includes enjoyable jobs which also provide a good salary. The high paying careers in our list span an array of industries.

Our list of the best paying jobs requiring only a bachelor’s degree does not include management positions or engineering careers except for computer hardware engineer and computer software engineer.

If you’re seeking a satisfying, high paying job which only requires a bachelor’s degree these jobs are worthy of your consideration:

computer systems analystHighest paying jobs (bachelor’s degree): #1 Cloud Architect

Cloud architect job description: Design solutions for businesses moving their IT infrastructure and services from servers at their facility to a cloud solution. Cloud architects also manage cloud infrastructure. Cloud architects make sure private and public clouds interface effectively.

A cloud architect ensures the service located on the cloud provides high availability, scalability as well as fault tolerance.

A cloud architect determines the cloud structure for a business and collaborates with business analysts to ensure the cloud architecture meets business requirements.

Cloud architects need knowledge of the basics of enterprise architecture, including how to configure information technology assets around the needs of a business. They should also have expertise in service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Cloud architects education requirements: Typically cloud architects need at least a bachelor degree in computer science, information systems or in a related technical field.
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occupational health and safety specialistMedian 2013 cloud architect salary: 4, 000

Highest paying jobs (bachelor’s degree): #2 Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineer job description: Make computers more robust, cost-effective and faster. Computer hardware engineers work on projects such as developing central processing units, color printers and fast video graphics cards.

A computer hardware engineer designs the microprocessor chips which make computers work and the equipment which makes computing easy.

Computer hardware engineer education requirements: Many entry-level computer hardware engineers have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, however a degree in electrical engineering is typically acceptable for many entry-level computer hardware engineer jobs.

logistician market research analyst

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