Jobs in the Criminal Justice field

Career Possibilities 180x180A degree in Criminal Justice, either alone or in combination with other training and education, can qualify students to work in a large number of fields that involve some aspect of crime or justice. The most common fields in which criminal justice students work are law enforcement, investigation, and corrections.

The jobs available with a criminal justice degree also depend on:

  • The specific type of degree obtained
  • Other work experience
  • Personal aptitudes
  • Personal interests

Law Enforcement

There are many jobs for local, county, state, and federal officers who enforce the general laws of the society. This covers a lot of territory, from entry-level sheriff’s deputy to the FBI, with many levels in between. Local law enforcement jobs are typically far more routine than a job as, say, an FBI special agent, who may be tasked with fighting terrorism or combating cyber attacks. There is also a significant variation in duties and compensation depending on your experience and aptitude after being hired.

Criminal justice students also find employment enforcing specific types of laws. Common jobs of this kind include fish and game officers, border patrol agents, customs officers, and transportation security agents. These jobs tend to wax and wane periodically, as public policy shifts. Not until the 9/11 attacks, for example, did the job of transportation security agent really become prominent.

Many criminal justice students are employed guarding specific locations and activities against the possibility of crime, especially theft. This category includes industrial security guards, retail security, armored car transport, and the like. Most jobs are geared toward preventing crime in a specific location or context, but may also participate in apprehending criminals in those locations and contexts.


Most general law enforcement agencies described above also include an investigative arm. These investigators work to solve specific crimes committed in the general society. Jobs of this type include forensic analysts, detectives, and similar higher-level law enforcement activities.

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